Wireless Implementation

When the physical perimeter is no longer the network perimeter the old ideas of trust don’t apply. Today, compartmentalized protection is no longer the answer. Security must be built into the network infrastructure and act as a fabric that integrates network, access, device, and user security.

Today’s mobile client is using their own personal devices. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is well established in many organizations, but the security challenges persist and scale in complexity. BYOD moves or even eliminates, the security perimeter.  BYOD, malware can walk through the front door on a personal device and gain access to the enterprise network.

Network administrators, business line managers and users of all types need guarantees their data is protected and secure.

Planning a wireless upgrade has quickly become the most important part of an implementation. The up-front planning and documentation will facilitate a smooth and successful implementation of your network.

  • Provide accurate information on the number of access points needed.
  • Provide accurate information for access point locations.
  • Provide detailed coverage maps.
  • Provide detailed data rates.
  • Identify sources and locations of interference.
  • Discover, and locate, rogue access points.
  • Plan for a room, a building or a campus.
  • Plan for outdoor coverage.
  • Reveal coverage voids in existing deployments.
  • Identify and classify neighboring networks and channel usage.

Our team of network professionals carry the Certified Wireless Network Administrator, Certified Wireless Design Professional and Certified Wireless Analysis Professional certifications. Our team also maintains Aruba, Meru and Xirrus certifications.


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