Hybrid Maintenance

Namtek an our industry partners have extensive experience with IBM and HP servers, storage, and networking hardware. Our team has assisted thousands of enterprise organizations maintain and extend the life of their IBM and HP hardware.

Namtek and our Services Team has extensive experience with servers, storage, and networking hardware. Namtek and our Services Team has assisted thousands of enterprise organizations maintain and extend the life of their hardware.

Our team has been supporting servers and hardware for more than years. The team of experienced technicians ensure services and support are delivered to the standards and requirements of clients. In recent years our team has evolved it into a best in class services organization that offers maintenance, professional services and staff augmentation.

Maintenance Services

  • Namtek supplies the labor, parts and expertise to bring your IT equipment back its proper working condition.
  • Namtek supports these repairs at the service level requested by our clients via a fixed contract.
  • Our services include Hardware Maintenance, OS Support and Preventative Maintenance plans.
  • Delivery is managed upon receipt of a service request for equipment support.

Below is the structure and support functions of our delivery team:

Security Services

To set up a consultation, call (603) 488-6600

Response Center

24×7 First Call Service Requests

Records the Call Activity

Transfers to Service Delivery

Service Delivery

Coordinates Response Center

Manages Start to Finish

Controls On-site Labor 

Technical Support

Coordinates with Service Delivery

Responds On-Site

Recommends Solutions 


Ensures Contract Performance

Establishes Call Procedures

Reviews Status Daily

Hardware Maintenance

Project Implementation

Namtek implements service support for equipment added to a Maintenance Services typically within 2 to 5 business days from the contract start date. The management team reviews the account for any operational necessities such as parts, technical documentation and any additional IT support requirements for each item added to contract. These implementation plans allow for rapid deployment of resources nationwide and improve resolution times.

Call Management

Namtek management monitors and tracks all open service calls. Each service call is reviewed for activity, resolution and service performance. Management is actively engaged in the daily support of Namtek’s clients and with its Delivery Team. This leadership team meets daily to review all open service calls.

The Namtek Service Desk Engineer (SDE) is the client’s primary contact during a service call. The SDE is responsible for maintaining client and internal communication. All call management decisions are made in real time with client updates on the status of the equipment until the service call is complete.

Severity Support

Each call received by Namtek is given a priority rating. Namtek applies a Severity 1 to Severity 3 rating to each call, Severity 1 being the most severe. Below are the Severity definitions:

Severity Support

Each call received by Namtek is given a priority rating. Natmek applies a Severity 1 to Severity 3 rating to each call, Severity 1 being the most severe. Below are the Severity definitions:

Level Definition Example


Severity 1

Critical Outage

Business Services Not Operational

Severity 2

Serious Incident

Application is Down

Severity 3

No Immediate Impact

Needs Service in 72 Hours

Escalation Procedures

Namtek Service Desk Engineers escalate any non-remediated situation that affects system performance immediately to their management upon discovery. The SDE is to communicate the on-going status of the situation and provide updates to all necessary parties until the issue is resolved.
A Severity 1 call may require transporting additional personnel and or parts to the client site as well as escalation to the OEM if necessary. Under a Severity 1 rating, all Namtek technical and operational resources are applied. Upper management remains involved until the call is resolved.

Center of Expertise (COE)

The Center of Expertise (COE) consists of remote technical support specialists. The Service Desk Engineers engage them when required for assistance on service calls. Each COE team member possesses knowledge in several platforms. The team is structured to work as a unit. Their collective knowledge and approach across multiple systems, platforms and product lines is leveraged to aid in client resolution.

(STARS) provides our support personnel with 24/7 technical support to documentation, manuals, and on-line and electronic references. Technical support hot lines allow us to escalate problems within the manufacturers’ service group and on-site technical support from various vendors as required.
There are a number of items that fall into the category of “Tech Support”. Namtek addresses several of these with our unique Online Technical Support web site that we refer to as STARS.

Logistics and Parts

Stocking levels and shipping methods are determined based upon the critical nature of the equipment enrolled under maintenance services. Our spare parts program is client environment driven. Depending on client requirements a contract might consist of one or more of the following logistical methods:

• Tiered Stocking of Critical Spare Parts
• Parts Stocked based on Failure History
• Centrally Controlled Replenishment
• Multi-Platform Parts Stocking
• Counter-to-Counter Shipping
• Intra Plant Parts Shipping

Replacement parts will be at equal revision level to the part being replaced. All spare parts used are tested and certified as OEM equivalent or better.

Change Management

Modifications to contract after implementation may arise. Such changes occur when a client’s IT equipment environment is modified or if their business needs have changed. Namtek has a change management controls to assist our clients during any equipment changes or adjustments to service level of support under contract. Authorized representatives from both the client and Namtek must agree on the change request and sign off on the requested changes.

OS Support

OS Support is a service offering that compliments Hardware Maintenance. Namtek provides support for several operating systems and middleware. When an OS error arises the team will identify and recommend solutions to resolve these matters. When a client elects this offering service calls are routed by our SDE to our OS Support Service Desk. The OS Support Service Desk provides remote assistance.

Hardware maintenance features include

  1. Single service provider for multiple Original Equipment Manufacturers
  2. 24x7x365 Dispatch
  3. Robust, web-based reporting capabilities with monthly reporting metrics
  4. Consistent achievement of customized contracted Service Level Agreements
  5. Call Home monitor that provides remote fault monitoring based on the specific OEM hardware

HP Server Hardware

HP Storage Hardware

HP Networking

Currently we have the following credentialed personnel available on a Project Basis;HP 9000 Server, HP Service One, HP UX CSA, HP Admin Windows Server, HP Network Attached Storage, HP Network Admin, HP MS Exchange Server, HP DEC/Alpha Servers

IBM Server Hardware

IBM Storage Hardware

IBM Networking Hardware

Currently have the following IBM Certifications on staff: IBMAS400,IBM Netfinity- xSeries, IBM 2105/6000/8000 Disk Storage, IBM RS6000- pSeries, IBM Mainframe- zSeries, IBM 4394/3584 Tape Library, IBM InfoPrint 2105/2107 enterprise printers, IBM 9391/92/94/95 RAMAC DASDIBM 3745/46 Controllers. 

7 X 24 X 4

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Phone Based Diagnosis

Onsite Field Engineer In 4 Hours

5 x 9 x 4

8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday

Phone-Based Diagnosis

On-Site Field Engineer in 4 Hours

Next Day

Initial Phone Based Diagnosis

On-Site Field Engineer

Replacement Parts