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Providing Guest Wi-Fi access is one of the keys to improving the guest and shopper experience in retail and hospitality. It has become a competitive necessity for retailers to not just provide network access, but to engage shoppers with special offers and personalized incentives. With the explosion of smartphones and mobile device usage, in-store shoppers are searching for product reviews and price shopping expect great Wi-Fi (and free) connectivity. Although providing Guest Wi-Fi gives an opportunity for the retailer to improve the shopper experience, it does not drive opportunities for increased engagement or understanding the customer behavior.

ExtremeGuest is a robust and comprehensive guest engagement solution which gives unique opportunity for the retailer to personalize engagement by understanding the customer behavior and interest, and then tailor services based on the insights. For example, knowing how many customers enter the store, how often they visit, and how much time they spend are all metrics that can be measured through ExtremeGuest. Further, retailers can take advantage of social networking behavior to increase patronage, expand brand exposure, and understand customer demographics and preferences in a more comprehensive and personal way.

Centralized and Integrated

Provision and manage access across multiple networks

Support for up to 10 million users
Easy and Flexible

Single Login with Social ID/SMS
Intuitive navigation
Responsive UI

Social media usage
Device analytics
Comprehensive reporting

Site specific splash pages
Unlimited # of dashboards
Store manager view

Guest On-Boarding and Social Media Logins

Comprehensive login and on-boarding methods, configurable by the network administrator, not only gives customers the flexibility to login the way they choose, it also offers the retailer the opportunity to extract demographic data using simple-click-through, self-registration with customi fields or one-time password with SMS/email notification or Social ID logins (LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter).

Business Analytics and Reporting

ExtremeGuest offers rich set of analytics that gives deep insight into demographic and behavioral characteristics of the visitor/shopper population, so that the marketing campaigns can be more personal and valuable to each customer, and thereby providing a better brand experience.

Analytics data charts and widgets:

Number of mobile guests that entered your store(s
Number of new customers versus repeat customers
Duration of time customers spent in the store
Number of customers that used the guest Wi-Fi
Age range and percentages
Gender percentages
Number of users currently online
Login Method percentage
Number of users using different login methods
Guest user identities
Client OS types used
Device types used
ExtremeGuest provides a powerful reporting infrastructure, enabling the administrator to create customized reports to suit the needs of various users. Choose which data is presented and the time when the report be generated — such as every Monday, monthly, or on demand — and how to deliver the report and in different formats – CSV or PDF.

Scalable and State of the Art Navigation

ExtremeGuest is built on top of the award winning WiNG architecture providing unmatched scalability that supports up to 10 Million user database needed for any large distributed stores, venues and enterprise locations, providing universal visibility to all user activity in a multi- site deployment.

Intuitive, state of the art user interface provide visibility at an aggregated birds-eye view from the MapView to the simple click-of a button drill-down to specific visitor and shopper information in the Monitor tab. Customizable dashboards with drag and drop widgets allow easy setup for different visibility and metric view.


ExtremeGuest requires WiNG 5.9.0 VX-9000 (with no AP adoption) configured as ExtremeGuest and licensed based on the number of Access Points.See below table for available ExtremeGuest license packs.

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