Vendor Risk Management

BitSight collects best-in-class security data through the largest proprietary data set of any security ratings provider and exclusive partnerships with proven global organizations. Using more than 120 data sources, we provide comprehensive insight into an organization’s security posture to rate performance and identify areas of risk.

Objective, Verifiable, and Actionable Data on Security Performance

Since its founding in 2011, BitSight has consistently delivered security ratings with the greatest depth and breadth of coverage for organizations operating around the globe. BitSight is the most widely used Security Rating Service, with more than 1,000 customers putting our data into action to make integral business and security decisions. Independent third parties have confirmed that BitSight Security Ratings are correlated to the likelihood of a data breach. BitSight invests heavily in research and development to empower customers with objective, verifiable, and actionable security data. We follow a rigorous, multi-month research and evaluation process for each new data source to qualify its accuracy and reliability. We leverage data on compromised systems from our proprietary sinkholing infrastructure — regarded as the largest in the world. Our team also develops strategic partnerships with global data providers to increase the diversity of perspectives that inform corporate, industrial, and sovereign security risk.

Technology Partners

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